Education: 2023 Precinct ReOrg

Greenville County, SC - 2021 ReOrg Information
*Dates are subject to change. Verify all dates with  & keep us posted on any changes.

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Where is my Precinct ReOrg meeting?

Greenville County GOP Leadership MADE LAST MINUTE LOCATION UPDATES TODAY 3/22/21 at 7:16am 

 PLEASE verify all information

03/12/2021 UPDATE - We received the 2021 Greenville Precinct ReOrg GUIDELINES and SAMPLE FORMS - please get familiar with all of them to know what to expect at the reorg meeting!

Also see below updates on precinct location meetings ... verify ALL information at



2021 FORM 1 - SAMPLE

2021 FORM 2 - SAMPLE

02/01/2021 UPDATE:  We now have "dates" ... but we were told to be prepared for them to change. Oh boy!!!

We should know locations for your local Precinct ReOrg in March on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.  Precinct Presidents must provide County Party their ReOrg location by this date.


   > Greenville Precinct ReOrg:  Monday, March 22, 2021

   > Greenville ReOrg "Make-up" Meeting: Tuesday, April 6, 2021  (2nd chance to become a delegate) - GOP HQ at 850 Wade     Hampton Blvd.

   > Greenville County Convention:  Tuesday, April 13, 2021, Greenville Convention Center (by downtown airport) 1 Exposition  Dr., Rooms 202 A-B-C evening - time TBD


Monday March 8th  7:00 pm – will be taught virtually. Link will be sent on the day of training to those who signed up.

Thursday March 11th 7:00 pm will be taught in person upstairs at GOP HQ.  850 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville, SC 29609

Choose one and let us know which one you will be attending by emailing Dianne at

PACKET PICK UP for Presidents or EC running the meeting

Thursday March 11th - Packets will be available prior to training ONLY for those attending training that evening.

Saturday March 13th - Packet pick up- 10am - 12 noon GOP HQ 850 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Monday March 15th – Packet Pick up 5:00-7:00 pm  GOP HQ.

Stay tuned, stay flexible, stay persistent ... and in the interim, REGISTER HERE to receive more information!!!

03/01/2021 UPDATE: We now have "locations" ... but are seeing some inaccuracies so PLEASE verify all information

Website:   (RINO "establishment" as this time)

Facebook:   (RINO "establishment" at this time)

GREENVILLE County Precinct List:

March 2019 Examples:  We may not yet know how the GOP "establishment" will roll out the process for 2021, but below are some sample forms and information from the last ReOrg in 2019.


GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR YOUR PRECINCT REORG MEETING:  Greenville had some precincts meet in one location at the Hilton Hotel near Haywood Mall, while other precincts meet in their regular voting locations. 

COUNTY FORM 1:  This form was collected for each attendee.

STATE FORM 1:  Substantially the same as the County Form 1, but this copy is sent to the State GOP.  

VOTER RECEIPT:  This form is completed by the Precinct Treasurer and provided to attendees who have paid fees to attend the County Convention (in April) and wish to have their name submitted (yes, do this too!!!) into nomination as a State Delegate.

COUNTY FORM 2:  This form documents the new precinct leadership and delegates to the County Convention.