Web Page Resumé

I build web pages as a hobby.

Here are the web pages I have made.

Of course, I made our own web-site.   It is text-based with few graphics to load quickly and get our message out without making you wait for a lot of downloads.   Colorful to portray our fresh, energetic views.   Simple to reinforce our view that it doesn't have to be big and complicated to get your point across.

Ayurveda Health for Life, LLC
This is a business site made from a top quality template.

EMI Medical
These are conversions from Microsoft Word to HTML.   Then a simple cleanup to remove all the unneeded code generated by the Word conversion program.   This is an example of how easily you can design a web page.   All it takes is a little time for me to clean up after the conversion.   I can normally reduce the file size 25% by removing the extra code generated during the conversion.   This allows the page to load faster.

Florida Locals
This is a project from my Systems Analysis Class at FMU.

Crown Point Woods Neighborhood
This is a web site I made for our HOA.

Kevin's Kluge
This is my personal home page with information about me and my family.