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I don't remember where any of these quotes came from.   But they made a big enough impression on me that I remember them.   Thank you to those who created them.

"You can't be lost if you don't care where you are."
This is my favorite.   I always end up saying this when I am biking and paying more attention to the scenery than the roadsigns.   It applies to everything in life.   Like "You can't be poor if you don't care about being rich", etc.
"There comes a time in the life of every project when it becomes necessary to shoot the engineers and begin production."
I learned this before I became an engineer, but it has made me a better engineer.
"MILTFDFAC" Which means Make It Like The Friggin Drawing For A Change.
I learned this after I became an engineer.
"YCJCYAQFTJB" Which means Your Curiosity Just Cost You A Quarter For The Jukebox
Back when a song cost a quarter, this cost me a quarter because I asked what those letters written above the jukebox meant.
"When you're up to your ass in alligators, it's difficult to remember that your original intent was to drain the swamp"
I always have to remind myself of this when I get too involved with a detail and stop making progress towards my goal.

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