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Paul Keller is my father.   Although he has passed away, his memory is still with me and all the Keller descendants. He is also remembered by many residents of Bethel, Ohio as an honest, fair, and dedicated police chief.   He was in the navy during World War II, and spent some of his time drawing while on board his ship, an LST.   His talent was passed on to my son Jason and my sister Gwen.   I got a little bit of it in my engineering and drafting skills.
Here are some of his sketches along with some photos of him when he was a policeman.   I didn't realize the detail in the sketches until I tried identifying the aircraft.   Planes must have changed regularly because I found specific aircraft models that matched these sketches exactly.   Thanks to my nephew Gil for scanning the pictures and preserving them.

These are his sketches

These are various photos of Paul Keller as a policeman

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