Graphic Art

horiz rule

by Jason Keller

Jason is my son, and he is also a very intelligent and talented artist.   He is a wiz with computers (left brained) and has a gift with art (right brained).   In addition, he is tall and handsome.   We should all be so lucky.   We wouldn't care so much about the lotto.

Some of Jason's work was published in Patty Horn's songbook "Nighttime in the Desert."   I will be adding more artwork as I get it scanned.

All artwork is copyrighted by Jason Keller unless noted otherwise.

Jason created these using Windows "Paint."   They are not from scanned images.   I converted them from BMP to GIF to make them faster to load.   If you ever tried to make a picture from scratch using Windows "Paint", you will be amazed at the talent here.

These are scans of some of his early artwork

This is a scan of a reduced photocopy of a pencil drawing.   It has only lost a little of the detail.   I really like this one.   It parallels the geeky guy who just can't seem to wow the girls and is always getting his heart broken.

These are scanned from Patty Horn's songbook published by Gecko Publishing.   Copyright by Jain Ganz Design.
Jason created these original artworks with pen and ink.

horiz rule

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