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Polly's Uncle Joe and Aunt Mamie have spent the last 8 years building an exact replica of Mamie's parent's home.   Eleanor (Polly's mother) and her 5 sisters, Mamie, Margie, Sophie, Inkie, & Kathy grew up there.   After the sisters grew up, they would bring their own families back every Sunday for family get-togethers and dinner.
Almost every single item in the house and every part of the house were hand crafted from raw materials.   None of the items have been built from kits.   Joe even made the doorknobs from solid brass by "turning" them on a lathe.   The house was recreated from memory and photos after Grandma Bush moved out.   The new owners let it fall into disrepair and it was eventually burned down.   The grandparent's wedding photo was shrunk down, and Joe made an oval picture frame for it.   It is on one of the dressers, but I don't think it is visible in any of these pictures.   The attention to detail is amazing.   I wish the pictures were of better quality.   Maybe the next time I get to Youngstown, I can take some new photos.

This is a view of the left side of the house.  (69K JPG file)   The dining room is at the bottom left.   The dining room table slides open and has two removable leaves, just like a real one.   The pictures on the walls were hand-painted by Mamie.   The fireplace has a flickering light and logs made from rolls of red cellophane with sawdust glued on them.   Check out the paneled doors that Joe made.

This is a view from the right side of the house.  (72K JPG file)   The kitchen is at the bottom right.   Mamie made the food on the kitchen table from a paste mixture which she formed, carved and painted to create a full Thanksgiving meal.   The armoires in the bedrooms have doors and drawers that open to reveal handmade coathangers and clothes.   In the bedroom, you can see the bedspread and curtains that Mamie sewed.   The lamps even have cords that plug into wall outlets.

This is a view of the front porch.  (59K JPG file)   Joe turned each post and stile to make the porch railing.   All of the windows are double-hung and really open.   Some of the plants were made from dried and painted live plants.

This is a picture of Joe and Mamie taken at Christmas in 1997.   Joe & Mamie.  (58K JPG file)   Unfortunately, Joe passed away in February of 1998.   But, I'm glad he got a chance to see his creation on my web page before then.  

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